I worked on a project set in an underwater world. The main focus was a lively purple octopus with moving tentacles that users could control. Alongside the octopus, there was a shipwreck setting adding to the scene's atmosphere. This project was built using JavaScript and HTML, blending interaction and visuals for an engaging underwater experience.
Dynamic Cityscape 360 View
I created a 360-degree view of a city bridge, complete with clouds that sway using sin waves. You can freely move around to explore the scene. Plus, there's a spherical mirror that reflects the whole world. This project, built using JavaScript and HTML, invites you to immerse yourself in an interactive cityscape experience.
Wealth Management App
A Java app that keeps a track of all of your expenses and income. You can manage your checking and savings account all from one place and tracks which categories you spend the most on.
An Online Shopping App owned and operated by the MH Alshaya Group, Dubai. I worked on this eCommerce App using JavaScript and React Native alongside other plugins like Firebase and Redux.
PortFolio Website
This website. Created using HTML and CSS.
Who Wants to be a millionaire Clone
A Java app which is a replica of the popular game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". Preloaded with a plethora of general knowledge and mathematics questions,  and an efficient point system for up to 3 players.
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